Discover the Basque Country
while learning spanish

Orape kalea, 1 · E-20800 Zarautz (Spain)

+ 34 943 01 04 30 / + 34 676 52 48 46

The School

Tipp Topp is a small and friendly Spanish school located in a beautiful seaside town in the Basque Country called Zarautz.

Do you like being close to the sea? Do you enjoy surfing? Do you like hiking? What about gastronomy? Are you interested in learning about different cultures? Zarautz offers you all that and more!


One to One
Design of a personalized learning plan.

Mini Group
Groups of 2-3 people, to learn with friends, your relatives or your partner.

Spanish Express
Learn the basic vocabulary and phrases needed to fully enjoy your holiday, whenever and however you wish and in just 3 hours.

Our Team

Highly motivated native teachers.
Modern, effective and enjoyable learning methods.
Our goal: communication

You will learn Spanish in record time 
and will enjoy your stay to its fullest.


Zarautz offers multiple options, 
we will help you to find the solution
that best meets your needs.
(We charge a handling fee of 50 €.)

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